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Niagara Sexual Assault Centre
43 Church Street, Suite 503, St. Catharines

Phone:  905-682-7258
24 HR Crisis Line: 905-682-4584
Fax:  905-682-2114
E-mail:  carsa@sexualassaultniagara.org
Web: www.sexualassaultniagara.org

Niagara Sexual Assault Centre

The Niagara Sexual Assault Centre, Carsa Inc., provides services in a safe and comfortable environment for survivors of child sexual abuse, incest and adult sexual assault.

We offer a 24 hour crisis line, emergency services, individual and group counselling, accompaniment and advocacy through medical and legal proceedings, public education programs and community events.


We are a non-profit, community based organization providing unconditional and nonjudgmental support and empowerment to those who have survived any form of sexual violence.

We believe that any form of sexual abuse is an abuse of power and control and is an act of aggression and violence over an individual. If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual assault, we can help.

We are a member of Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres and Canadian Association of Sexual Assault Centres.