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Birchway Niagara

8903 McLeod Rd,  Niagara Falls, ON L2H 3S6

Phone: 905-356-3933
Fax: 905-356-5522
Web: www.birchway.ca

Birchway Niagara

The mission of Birchway Niagara is to be a shoulder to lean on, a voice to advocate for, a space to feel safe in, an ally to trust, a guide to navigate, and a counsellor to heal for everyone affected by abuse of all forms. Offering a 24-hour text and phone support, safe shelter, outreach counselling, legal support and housing support are some of the services that this agency offers.

Often the biggest victims of domestic violence are the smallest. Children who are exposed to domestic violence in the home are denied their right to a safe and stable home environment. The findings through The World Health Organization show that children who are exposed to violence in the home may have difficulty learning and limited social skills, exhibit violent, risky and delinquent behaviour, or suffer from depression or severe anxiety. There is a common link between domestic violence and child abuse. Children who grow up in a violent home are more likely to be victims of child abuse. Domestic violence is a form of child abuse.

The Child Youth Program at Birchway Niagara works to promote the wellbeing of children, improve parent-child relations, and prevent abuse and neglect. This is achieved by educating the parent about the scope, nature and consequences of domestic violence and the importance of positive, nurturing parenting, providing direct parent education and advocating for children in the community.

Birchway Niagara wants to help build a community without abuse, and exists to protect and empower individuals to help end the cycle of violence.

Violence has no place in a child’s life. Together, Birchway Niagara and PECAN can give children a brighter and safer future.