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We’re a Partnership to End Child Abuse in Niagara

PECAN, Partners to End Child Abuse in Niagara, is a group of Niagara non for profit agencies that want to make searching for the help you need easier on the web. The PECAN  website provides the community with a convenient hub to reduce the time spent searching for help and connect you with the right program or agency for you. We want to end child abuse. Help is available.

This site focuses on highlighting the community programs and facilitators to help implement programs that are available from our local agencies as well as links to other trusted organizations. We list the programs that are currently running in Niagara and provide information for you to take advantage of them and to see the variety of what is available. We also provide information for you on what child abuse is, how to recognize it, how to respond to it and how to prevent it. For those who need it we also have a safe button at the top of every page of our website to report child abuse now.

Pecan was created to keep our Niagara community a strong one. We believe in a world without child abuse. Help us work toward that future.

When you think of the word “community” you think of neighbours, you think of families, you think of people who will band together and help each other in times of need. In today’s world that sense of community has changed, in this age of information the network of people that make up a community has grown. With a couple words typed into a phone you can search and find any number of agencies in our Niagara community that are there to help. Unfortunately this is also a problem. Today it is so easy to find many hits on a Google search but taking the time to go through all the results to find exactly what you are looking for can be frustrating and time consuming.

PECAN is here to help manage this search and help you get results. Ending Child Abuse in Niagara will benefit the children, adults and families and aid in mental wellness. The trauma of this needless abuse has to stop and we are committed to that end.


Interested in joining PECAN?

If your organization would like to join PECAN’s efforts to end child abuse in Niagara, we welcome you! You can help in a number of ways:

  1. Add a program listing to this web site
  2. Donation/contribution
  3. Join PECAN as a Partner

For information or inquiries, please contact us by e-mail at pecan.niagara@gmail.com