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Niagara Chapter - Native Women

Niagara Chapter-Native Women Inc.
1088 Garrison Road, Fort Erie

Phone: 905-871-8770
Web: www.ncnw.net

Niagara Chapter-Native Women Inc.

The Niagara Chapter – Native Women was established to promote the equality and well-being of urban Aboriginal women. NCNW encourages Native women to become full participants in society while remembering and honouring their unique cultural and traditional beliefs. We are dedicated to assisting Aboriginal women in the challenges they face in the urban setting and in the issues that affect them daily.

The Niagara Chapter – Native Women is an autonomous local organization of the Ontario Native Women’s Association, which is affiliated with the Native Women’s Association of Canada. The Niagara Chapter – Native Women meets with the other 83 local organizations of the Ontario Native Women’s Association annually. These gatherings provide for the passing on of traditional teachings, sharing of ideas skills, and planning and development of projects.

Niagara Chapter – Native Women offers membership to status and non-status Native Women throughout the Niagara region and surrounding area. We are always looking for new members and new volunteers. Our organization is built on the dedication of our members and volunteers.