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Family and Children’s Services Niagara
82 Hannover Drive, St. Catharines
7900 Canadian Drive, Niagara Falls
654 South Pelham Road, Welland

Phone: 905-937-7731
Toll Free: 1-888-937-7731
Fax: 905-646-7085
TTY: 905-937-8105
Email: info@facsniagara.on.ca
Web: www.facsniagara.on.ca

FACS Niagara

Proud to be a part of the Niagara community since 1898, Family and Children’s Services is among Niagara’s largest child and family serving organizations. As a multi-service organization, we offer a wide range of programs that protect children, strengthen families and help youth and adults to be the best they can be.

How can we help you?

Seeking counselling services or parent resources? Please visit our Ontario Early Years programs or child care centres to find out what resources are available to you and your children. Many of our services are free of charge or based on income.

Concerned about a child or family in your community? Please call us if you feel that a child may be at risk for abuse or neglect. You can call FACS 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your call can be anonymous and you need only to share your concerns. 96% of the children we serve remain safely in the care of their parents. Our rate of admission to foster care is less than 4%.