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Strengthening Families for the Future

Strengthening Families for the Future is a prevention program for families with children of all ages who may be at risk for substance use problems, depression, violence, delinquency and school failure. Strengthening Families is a powerful family change program because it involves all of the members of the family. The goals of the program are to: reduce children’s or adolescents intention to use drugs and alcohol as well as to reduce behavior problems, increase children’s resilience and life skills which include communicating, resisting peer pressure, recognizing their feelings and solving problems, increase positive and effective parenting skills and improve family communication.

The program is presented by skilled facilitators in 14 consecutive weekly sessions. The sessions run from 4:00 pm– 6:30 and include a family style meal. Strengthening Families For the Future includes Parent program, Child program, (infant- 5 ) or child care, Child program (7-11), Teen program (12-18) and Family program. All are facilitated by trained individuals from different community agencies across the Niagara Region.

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