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Niagara Chapter - Native Women

Aboriginal Child Advocate

The Advocate works with Aboriginal children and families involved in care with the child welfare system, and FACs Niagara specifically whether they have Native Status or not. The role is to keep them connected to thri Indigenous relations, culture and community. A second role is to instruct/ teach cultural awareness and sensitivity to the FACs Niagara employees.

This is sometimes a workshop, lunch and learn, conference or one on one during planning sessions. Often the training is partnered with another agency. The final role of the Aboriginal Child Advocate is to seek out those Native / Aboriginal / Metis aor Inuit families who would consider become Foster or Kinship parents in efforts to keep the child(ren) connected to relatives, culture and community. Referrals come from FACs Niagara, community agencies, community members and self referral.

CONTACT: Niagara Chapter-Native Women Inc: 905-871-8770