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Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre

Teen Creative

Kristen French CACN’s Teen Creative Program is a no-cost, artist-led, weekly two hour education and abuse prevention group for youth ages 12-15, who have gone through and completed their investigative process with Family and Children Services Niagara and/or Niagara Regional Police Services. Throughout the 12 weeks participants will cover the following topics: defining abuse, effects of abuse, managing emotions, risky behaviour, understanding the self, self-care coping strategies, grief, impact of social media, family and friend challenges, empowerment and confidence and recovery and resiliency. This group is intended for youth to better understand themselves and learn the power of creative self-expression, but is not intended to replace therapeutic practices.

The Teen Creative program is funded by:

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Keegan Langelaan – Youth Outreach Coordinator
(905) 937-5435 x7024


“What the creative group has done for me was provide me with a night every week to look forward to. I met a new (good) friend, and heard the voices of many other people that have experienced similar things as me. I’ve discovered how to cope with my feelings through creative outlets that have helped me as well.”

 — Program Participant, 2017