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Way To Grow Daycare

7 locations throughout Niagara

Way To Grow Daycare – St. Catharines
(905) 684-1110

Way To Grow Daycare – Pelham
(905) 892 – 0922

Way To Grow Daycare – Smithville
(905) 957 – 3339

Way To Grow Daycare – St. Nicholas
(289) 969 – 6732

Way To Grow Daycare – St. Davids
(289) 969 – 6731

Way To Grow Daycare – Arlington
(289) 401 – 7268

Way To Grow Daycare – St. Theresa
(289) 969 – 0080



Way To Grow Daycare

Way To Grow Daycare opened the first child care centre in 2001 at AK Wigg Public School in Fonthill.  Over the years our programs have grown to include locations in St. Catharines, Smithville and St. Davids.   Our programs are dedicated to meeting the needs of the families in the communities in which they are located.  We offer families a safe and nurturing environment with high quality early learning experiences for their children.     Our programs in collaboration with our School Partners offer  families a seamless early learning and child care continuum of services.

We look forward to working in partnership with you for the benefit of your child/children. If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to discuss them with the staff or Program Supervisor.

Way To Grow Daycare delivers a curriculum that is stimulating and developmentally appropriate for each child.  By following the leads of the children, our educators facilitate the child’s knowledge by providing play-based early learning experiences through a combination of planned and spontaneous programming.   Our staff are committed to being the best they can be so they are continually attending training opportunities so they can provide your child with the greatest possible learning experiences every day.